Generally speaking, hospitality is "the act, practice, or quality of receiving and entertaining strangers or guests in a friendly and generous way".

Specifically in marketing terms, hospitality represents the act and practice of a company entertaining people who may influence the future commercial success of the company concerned.

As such, it is a powerful strategic marketing tool. For many companies - large or small - it is an integral part of their marketing mix, and an important component of their sponsorship. As a result, the hospitality programme has become a core component of all FIFA events.

In order to guarantee consistent quality across all FIFA competitions and events, the hospitality programme is developed and managed by FIFA, with the help of event organising committees.

Why invest in hospitality?
Companies invest in hospitality because it helps them build, maintain and improve their business relationships - and relationships drive business.

They can invite a select group of guests for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere away from the usual pressures of an office environment.

The benefits are numerous. Whether it is to maintain or enhance a company's image, to motivate or reward staff or customers, to support community groups, to launch new products or services, to build a mutually beneficial business relationship and alliance with other companies, or just to network, guests enjoy an entertaining and memorable experience.

Who's invited?
Many different kinds of spectators can enjoy the hospitality services at the various FIFA events:

  • Guests invited by FIFA and FIFA event organising committees
  • Guests invited by FIFA's Commercial Affiliates, based on their rights
  • General public and guests invited by other companies, through purchased hospitality packages

What's included in a package?
Through the Commercial Affiliate's hospitality programme, guests enjoy the best seats in the stadium, and customised and exclusive receptions in private decorated areas within or adjacent to the stadium.

Each Commercial Affiliate can choose the type of reception they want to offer their guests - from a standing cocktail to the most extensive gastronomic seated buffet.

For all other parties and their guests, be it companies or individuals, the commercial hospitality programme offers unique off-the-shelf packages which typically include:

- Reserved car parking
- Access accreditation to hospitality area
- Welcome drink
- Pre and post-match complimentary bar and snacks
- Hostess service
- Entertainment
- TV with live match coverage
- Buffet meal with fine wines and beverages
- Reserved seated top category match ticket
- Half-time refreshments and snacks
- Souvenir gift
- Event management in attendance

Please note that there are no advertising and branding opportunities included in the commercial hospitality packages.

The cost of a hospitality package varies according to the FIFA event, the country, the size of the function room, the type and quantity of food, and the services included.