FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015

FIFA 15 hits stores, FIWC15 ready for kick off!

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The latest edition of the EA SPORTS™ FIFA-series was released this week across the world, much to the delight of millions of virtual football enthusiasts.

With Authentic Player Visuals ensuring that players appear true to their physical form and heightened player agility, movement and control, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 15 is being described by the global media as ‘a huge step forward‘ for the football series.

FIFA 15 also promises more physical battles for possession, making defending more rewarding than ever before. As any top FIWC player knows, you need to master the art of defending in EA SPORTS FIFA if you plan to go all the way in the FIFA Interactive World Cup.

“I think there's always room to learn with the FIFA game, but everything starts with a strong defence,” says three-time Grand Finalist Ovidiu Patrascu. Get your hands on the game, get on the training pitch, apply Patrascu's advice and make your mark on FIWC 2015!

FIWC 2015 starts on 1 OctoberWith the launch of FIFA 15, it’s time for the 2015 edition of the world’s largest gaming tournament, the FIFA Interactive World Cup! FIWC 2015 kicks off on 1 October at 2:00am (Pacific Daylight Time) with the first of six online monthly seasons. Get your copy of FIFA 15 now and put in those practice hours before Season 1 kicks off!

There have been some exciting changes to the qualification format for FIWC 2015, most important of which is the introduction of a 90-match Games Cap. Each season, FIWC players will only be able to play a maximum of 90 matches in the FIWC game mode of FIFA 15. It's all about quality games for FIWC 2015. You could be just 90 matches away from securing a seat at the 2015 Grand Final! Although there’s a Games Cap, you can still compete in as many of the online qualification seasons as you like.

Don’t miss out on your chance to be at the Grand Final. Join us for Season 1, play 90 top class matches and try to earn your seat at the Grand Final, where the next world champion will be decided!

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