FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015

FIWC Champion takes on FC Copenhagen and talks FIFA 15

It’s been a busy few days for 2014 FIFA Interactive World Cup winner August Rosenmeier. As the current champion of the world’s largest gaming tournament, the 18-year-old has been attending a variety of events held recently to celebrate the release of EA SPORTS™ FIFA 15. caught up with August at FC Copenhagen, where he attended a release party for FIFA 15 - the official game for the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015. At the Danish club, August signed autographs, conducted interviews and played matches against fans, before taking on a few FC Copenhagen stars on the virtual pitch.

“I enjoyed every single minute,” August told at the end of an exciting day, “It was lots of fun to play against everyone. I had a great time.”

FC Copenhagen striker Danny Amankwaa found out first-hand just how talented ‘Agge’ is on the virtual pitch. “I scored one goal against him. I was very happy to score against the world’s best,” said Amankwaa, who lost 3-1 to the FIWC champion.

“I met Nicolai Jorgensen, Danny Amankwaa and Mathias Zanka today. All three are big players in Denmark,” August said. “They have all represented Denmark just like me, so we have a lot in common.”

Champion weighs in on FIFA 15
“It’s been exciting to get FIFA 15 in my hands and to know that this is it, a new start to the FIWC,” said Rosenmeier, reflecting on the new edition of everyone’s favourite football game.

“I love the feeling when you open the new game and discover all the new elements. I like to analyse the game, the players and the teams. It’s all very interesting and you can start to feel a bit like Arsene Wenger when you get into it,” the Dane said laughing.

I will try to keep to my same rituals and routines in the new campaign and I will try to keep my head clear.

Even a player with years of virtual football experience needs to put in the extra effort when a new edition of the FIFA series is released. “The start of the game is always hard because you have to learn all the secret tips and tricks, but I think I'm starting to learn them,” said Rosenmeier. “I think FIFA 15 is way faster and more about attacking in the middle. I already love this game. Many people have told me that it fits my style perfectly.”

Rosenmeier at the ready
With a new qualification format in place for FIWC 2015, players can now play as little as 90 online matches and qualify for the Grand Final. ‘Agge’ had some advice for newcomers to the tournament: “In Denmark we have a saying, 'Attack wins matches. Defence wins tournaments.' If your defence is tops, you will make it far.”

So what does the current champion think about successfully defending his title at the next Grand Final, something that no FIWC player has ever managed to accomplish? “I will cope with the pressure as I have done the past few years in Denmark where I have been the Scandinavian and Danish champion,” he said. “I will try to keep to my same rituals and routines in the new campaign and I will try to keep my head clear. Then I think I will stand a good chance.”

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