FIFA U-20 World Cup Poland 2019

23 May - 15 June


  • Stadium name: Gdynia Stadium
  • City: Gdynia

Gdynia is young and full of character, which was given by its inhabitants coming from all sides of Poland. Here, everyone is at home!

Gdynia is a city of music, film and theater; full of clubs, cafes and restaurants. But Gdynia is also a city of sport. Consistently we are realizing the dream of making our city a place where broadly defined activity operates in both the grand arenas, as well as in the urban space, right next to us. It works!

Sports Gdynia is thousands of active and smiling residents. Every year, they benefit from a wide range of projects, so that everyone - regardless of age or ability - can feel the joy of the sport.

The "Active Summer" campaign is very popular, as it is series of sport activities taking place on the Central Beach throughout the summer season. Sun, sea, sand and good fun - it's hard to get a better connection!

Gdynia's distinguishing feature are renowned sports events and modern facilities. Like teams that use them on a daily basis. You think Gdynia - you say Arka, the most successful football club in Pomerania. Yellow-blue are currently playing on the City Stadium at Olimpijska Street, but to feel the unique atmosphere associated with the Arka, it is worth visiting the place where the team played years ago. On the Ejsmonda street, literally a few steps from the sea, there is a legendary "Górka" on which the Arka supporters met. You can see there an exhibition dedicated to the history of the club.

Since 2018 Arka brand include as many as five teams at the highest levels - not only football players, but also rugby players, basketball men and women players, and handball players.

Gdynia residents appreciate their city for being easy here to find an interesting job, a good school or a comfortable apartment. For efficient transport, safety and availability of services, as well as for the sea, beaches, hills and forests under the windows and for the most sunny days of the year. According to sociologists, it is Gdynia residents, among the inhabitants of all cities in Poland, who are most satisfied with their place of residence.

To feel the unique atmosphere, it is worth to immerse yourself in modernist City Centre, sunny beaches or boulevards bustling with life. Thanks to this, you can easily understand why Gdynia residents are smiling so much.